Toddler Times – Playing in the Wind

Where we live, we may be blessed with 300+ days of sunshine a year (although a lot of times I wish we had more rain!), many of those days come packaged along with wind.  Sometimes, the wind brings lots of dust and allergens, but there are a few rare days that it’s just breezy enough to be fun. 


I’m part of an online knitters mama group where all of our babies were either due in, or born during April 2011.  We try and do a swap every six or so months – we send off packages of knitty goodness and treats to a secret partner and receive one from someone else.  It’s always very fun to see what things you get.  The last swap box we received came all the way from France!  LP was thrilled (and so was I) with the pinwheel and windsock that came along in our swap box, because these were new things we could use to play outside on windy days when it’s not fun to play in the water because it’s too cold. 


We like to stick to the front yard, because the grass is nicer and there’s a bit of shade from our one little tree.  When it’s windy, we like to play with our pinwheels, our fish windsock, and bubbles.  I haven’t found a homemade bubble recipe yet, but LP got a huge bottle of strawberry scented bubble solution for her first birthday and we’re still using that for the time being. 


What do you like to do with your toddler when the weather isn’t quite perfect?


2 thoughts on “Toddler Times – Playing in the Wind

  1. Read…a lot, playdough (with lots of supervision), under our porch awning we paint with the rain water or draw with chalk especially practicing letters

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