Just a bit of an update on the whole insurance escapade.


As of last week, our insurance company has stated they are not covering my surgery, or my hospital stay in Spokane.  No word on the airlift coverage, beyond the fact that they decided to cover the doctors in the helicopter.  Our medical bills at this point are near $150,000, including the airlift.  Why are things not covered?  The insurance company has decided the brain surgery that saved my life, as well as my entire stay at Sacred Heart in Spokane were “not medically necessary.” It’s okay, you can take a moment to be upset, we’ve been there.


We’ve had an overwhelming response from friends and family concerning this.  Several people in several states have helped us figure out the best plan of action to appeal, appeal, appeal.  We’ve even had offers from a state representative to get all up in our insurance company’s business about the entire issue.  We don’t want to post a whole lot of details here because we don’t know exactly how far this is going to go, but our current plans are these:  We have a request in to several doctors who worked on my case in both hospitals to give us a letter stating the necessity of my airlift, surgery, and recovery at SHMC.  We have contacted SHMC and asked them to re-submit our claim to our insurance and work with them.  We’re gathering as much information as we can about my heart condition, my stroke, and the procedure in case we need to further defend my treatment.  We’ve established a giveforward account to raise money.  And we’re working to trust God throughout all of this.  He brought this to us for a reason, stroke, insurance company, everything – and He’ll bring us through it.  Even if we don’t like how it turns out.


In the past, our insurance company hasn’t fought us on issues like this past a note from a doctor.  They refused coverage on my pacemaker a few years ago and all we needed to clear that up was my cardiologist talking to them.  We’re hoping something similar happens this time.  Also, it looks like the surgery may have been submitted as an exploratory procedure because a scope was used to guide the “clot-catcher”, so that may be what’s causing a lot of the confusion on the part of our insurance.  We’re trying to approach this situation with tact, grace, and gratitude that we even have an option to get all this paid for somehow.



2 thoughts on “Assurance

  1. Grrr…I know this stuff is frustrating while you’re going through it! Echoing your prayers for grace and peace through all of it, and a quick and easy(?) resolution…Love you guys!

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