Yesterday afternoon Sarah was cleared by all four relevant departments (Neurology, General Surgery, Physical/Occupational Therapy, and Cardiac – if I’m remembering right) to be discharged from the hospital.

We arrived at our home at about 5:30pm last night. (It’s ok – you can do a little dance, shout, or even tear up a little bit if you want. We did.) We’ve hugged our daughter, caught up with family, and Sarah got a nice long shower. We slept in our own bed, which is a blessing in and of itself. We are very, very tired, but happy to be home.

And now, of course, comes the hard part. There’s no more doctors or nurses, no more on-call buttons, no more monitors attached to her that reassure us that everything is ok. Now that we’re home we get to worry about every dizzy spell, every little itch or tingle, every little normal thing that might possibly indicate that somethings wrong. We get to begin building a new pattern of life, one that lets us take care of our daughter AND help Sarah slowly get back up to fighting strength. (That’s a figure of speech, by the way. As far as I know, Sarah no interest in competing in any sort of fighting sport.)

We still need your prayer. Maybe not the “every second/all night long” sort that you’ve been showering with us this whole week (though, we’d appreciate that too), but certainly the “keep us daily in your prayers” sort. We’ve seen many miracles this week, and we’d like to keep them coming. We also… need your help. Sarah and I are both very stubborn, and dislike asking for things. But, stepping back, I know we are probably not going to be able to do this alone. And, we probably shouldn’t try and do it along. So, we humbly ask for your help for the next few weeks as we work on taking care of Sarah and helping her to get better. I’ve listed a “ways you can help” section below. I’m sure some further needs may become apparent as we work through this, so I’ll try to keep people updated as we go.

Ways You Can Help

  • We would appreciate meals being made for us.  Sarah is on a special diet, so we would prefer things without potatoes, white flour, and/or sugar.  If you’d like to bring us a meal, feel free to text or call me (husband) to set up a date and time.
  • Prayer – we have a long road of healing before us.
  • Yard work – Even though we have a small yard, the heat prevents me from keeping it mowed as often as it needs to be with my MS.  If you have a teenager who would like to make a few bucks, let us know.  We have an electric mower they can use, as well.
  • Errands – we’ll know more about this as we settle into a routine.  Sarah gets tired very quickly, so sometimes going to the grocery store may be too tiring.  We work on the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system, so we can hand you the money and the list if you want to go for us.
  • Coffee. Decaf anything. (Sarah especially likes Dutch Bros and Roasters.)

Ok. Pride has been swallowed, help has been asked for. Praise and prayer time.


  • We are home today, instead of having a funeral. This sounds overly dramatic, but this could have turned out very differently. Praise God that Sarah is home, safe, and on her way to becoming healthy.
  • Sacred Heart – I praise God for every single person there. Even the coffee stand people. (ESPECIALLY the coffee stand people?) Every single person at that hospital was committed to keeping Sarah healthy, making sure she was comfortable, listening to our concerns and (sometimes inane) questions, and laughing and rejoicing along with us.
  • Our friends and family – on top off all of your amazing prayers, we’ve had friends and family come to us at the hospital, help out with LP, and come up to help with Sarah this weekend. Thank you. Thanks for sharing our statuses, blogs, and prayer requests. Thanks for liking our Facebook updates. Thanks for your comments – both the ones that encouraged us and the ones that made us laugh.
  • Being home with our daughter is such a relief. Also, she LOVES Sarah’s balloons from the hospital. She’s very happy her Mom and Dad are home. And so are we.
  • Sarah’s wedding rings were found! They may have been here at home all along. Or, God transported them home from wherever they had fallen on the floor in the hospital back here to our house. (The last one is my theory. In case you couldn’t tell.) Either way, it’s an answer to prayer, and we’re happy that they’ve been located.
  • Sarah has been able to knit, and even played a little bit of Xbox last night before she got too tired.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that Sarah’s brain stays healthy and safe. There’s still swelling, so pray that goes down in a safe and timely manner. Also pray there’s no further bleeding.
  • Pray that Sarah can get the rest she needs to fully recover.
  • Pray that there are no further damaged areas of her brain. We’ve joked that while it’d be ok if she had somehow lost the memories of a few college classes (*cough cough* Intro to Missiology *cough cough*), but we’d really prefer it if all areas of Sarah’s brain checked out to be healthy and happy.
  • Pray Sarah’s physical therapy goes well.
  • Pray for the insurance coverage. Now that we’re out, we begin the fun waiting game where we try and guess what they’ll cover and what they’ll refuse. They’ve already left one automated message for us telling us to call them as soon as possible, but they’re closed until Tuesday. So now we get to stress out about it all weekend. (Yay!) Pray that it’s all covered, because a long insurance fight sounds really exhausting. And stressful.
  • Pray for my brother and his wife, who lost their pregnancy a day before all of this happened. While we’ve been out here in all the craziness they’ve been quietly mourning the loss of their child.

One thought on “Home.

  1. 😦 I’m so sorry for your brother and his wife, my heart is hurting for them. Adding their sore hearts to my prayer list. (Sarah, check your FB messages.)

    Love you guys, so thankful you’re home – together!

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