We Have A Room! With a View!

Hi. It’s Jason (Sarah’s husband.) Ready for some good news? We have a lot. First of all, Sarah has been moved out of the ICU to her own room on the 8th floor. It even comes with a window. There was a small scare last night where, for a while, it looked like we’d be in the ICU for a bit longer. They had performed a CT scan that ended up showing some blood in her brain. If this was a bleed, it’d have been bad news.  However, they did a second scan this morning, and the amount of blood was about the same – maybe even diminished a bit. This means the blood was likely from the procedure itself, and not from a bleed in the brain. The doctors and nurses assured us that this wasn’t something to be too worried about, so we tried to stop worrying. They are, of course, still watching Sarah closely but she just. Keeps. Getting. Better.

It’s been a day of recovery for both Sarah and I. We were both able to a get a semi-decent amount of sleep last night, and Sarah has been able to take a few naps today. She had meetings with physical therapists, and they tested her physical and mental recovery. Her left side is indeed a bit weaker – especially her left leg – but her progress is nothing short of astounding. Less than 48 hours ago Sarah couldn’t move her left leg or arm at all. She couldn’t even make a finger twitch. And now she’s typing, tweeting, talking on the phone, and even walking.

Her heart is also doing great – the doctors even used the word used the word “perfect” when talking about how it looked after they got her results back.

We are enormously, amazingly blessed. We are blessed by God’s healing, by the fantastic staff at both Sacred Heart and Kadlec, by our incredible families, and by the overwhelming love and support from all of you. Thank you so much – we have been blown away by the response this has gotten.

We are also very tired. We are ready to go home and see our daughter. We are ready to eat something other than hospital food. We have both reached that three day wall – that level of weariness that always seems to hit sometime in the middle of the third day of a long hospital stay.

I’ll answer a few questions we’ve got from people, and then we’ll go over praises and prayer requests.

Was the stroke caused at all by Sarah’s heart condition?

Actually, no. They’ve run a plethora of tests on Sarah, and her heart is fine. There’s zero evidence that her heart contributed to the stroke in any way. The most likely suspect at this point? Birth control.

Was Sarah on blood thinners before this?

No. She was on them for a short time after some complications from when she had her pacemaker put in, but she’s been off them – and not needing them – for years. She may have to be on them after this, but we haven’t heard for sure one way or the other.

What happened to the wedding rings?

We have no idea. We’re pretty sure they were still on her fingers when she was airlifted. We didn’t notice that we had no idea where they were until well after Sarah had been moved to her room in the ICU. No one in either hospital remembers seeing them or taking them off, so… who knows? All we know is Sarah didn’t take them off, because she couldn’t move her left side at the time. The nurses are launching a fresh “find the rings” mission tomorrow, so we aren’t out of options yet.

Is Sarah the most awesome person ever or the most awesome person currently roaming the earth?

I’d put Jesus at the top of the “most awesome person ever” list. And right after that? Sarah. Right behind her? Chuck Norris. What’s that? You think Chuck Norris should be higher? Well, maybe when Chuck Norris goes from being paralyzed on the left side of his body to walking within 24 hours we can talk. Until then he has to settle for third place.

Ok. Praise and prayer time. Prepare yourself – I’m busting out the exclamation marks.


  • Sarah’s not dead!
  • Sarah continues to get better!
  • We’re out of the ICU!
  • Sarah’s talking and joking with the nurses!
  • Sarah is up and walking!
  • Sarah can still knit!
  • Sarah’s Dad was able to come up and see her!
  • There’s no bleeding in Sarah’s brain!
  • We have amazing family who’ve helped out a lot, so I can take breaks and take care of myself.
  • Our room has a great window.
  • Bioware is releasing a free expansion pack for Mass Effect 3 multiplayer on Tuesday! This sounds out of place, but it’s not – it’s something Sarah’s really excited for, and using her hands to control the game while keeping track of different objectives and such will actually be really good for her recovery. That’s right – videogames ARE good for something.
  • Lucy has been doing well with my family. Every time we’ve called to check up on them she’s in the background laughing, which is a huge relief to us.


  • Keep praying that there’s no bleeding or further damage to Sarah’s brain. She’s out of the high risk time period, but there’s still some danger.
  • Pray that Sarah’s recovery continues to advance. She’s come a long, long way, so pray that we can keep this progress going.
  • Pray that there aren’t any damaged areas of her brain that haven’t been discovered yet. They’ve done mental and physical tests, but it’s possible that some damage will only make itself known as time goes on.
  • Pray that Sarah’s physical therapy goes well. She has some leg exercises that she has to do several times a day.
  • Insurance, Finances, Job, etc – These are all about the same situation as last night. Keep praying! I have had an overwhelming amount of support from work, and that’s been a huge blessing.
  • Lucy – we miss her. Pray that she’s safe, that we will get to go home to her soon, and that she doesn’t drive our family crazy in the meantime.
  • The wedding rings. We’d really like to find them. Pray that they turn up!

To close, I’d like to share this picture:


Those are the first rows Sarah knitted after the procedure. I think they’re pretty miraculous.

Thanks again for all the prayer – please keep it coming! And, of course, feel free to leave any questions in the comments below. We’ll keep you updated!


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