Even though we’re nearly halfway through the month already, I’m still going to to do a little resolution posting.  Since writing things down helps solidify them.  But first, a few excuses for my tardiness.

It felt like the beginning of this month came a week earlier than it should have.  I was not ready to give up my sweet 60 degree breezy and rainy April for the month which normally shows our first triple digit weather around here.  The forecast for that first week was still April-y, cool and lovely and spring.  Unfortunately, the next week our household forecast included the flu.  Husband was home for two days on the couch, sick and miserable.  LP managed to avoid his germs, which is an amazing blessing because dealing with a sick toddler when neither parent is functioning at their best is something I’d like to avoid.

May is also our one month of the year when everyone decides it would be a grand idea to come visit us.  And that isn’t a complaint.  We normally have at least one of Husband’s siblings and their spouse come visit, his parents, and our best friends.  This year is no different, although it’s one of his siblings sans spouse for a few days.  Starting on Thursday, we have guests all the way until the end of the month, with only three days of just us three.  Which will be fantastic from LP’s perspective as she is the most social person in our family.

But back to my resolve – and lack thereof.

1.  The state of the house.  I’m still slogging away at purging the excess of stuff in our home.  We did manage to go through the closet, all of LP’s clothes (although we’re nearly to the point where she’s changing sizes again), and her toys to pull things for expulsion.  There’s a yard sale to benefit the International Justice Mission on May 26th, so a large part of what we’re getting rid of is being donated to that yard sale.  There are some things we’re saving to give to other specific people.  I’m going to continue this with as much energy as I can devote to it.  I managed to clean up/out the garage a bit this month, which I was not planning on doing but hey, it happened and I’m glad.

2.  I did go see a movie this month with Husband – The Avengers – and I can highly recommend it to anyone who likes superhero movies.  We’re hitting the summer blockbuster season now, so I’m hoping that in the next few months I can catch up on my movie quota for the year.  Here is an unnecessary list of movies I would like to see this summer that will benefit not many people except possibly Husband: MIB3, Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter, Brave, The Amazing Spider Man, and maybe The Dark Knight Rises, but I’m not very excited about that movie because I know it’s going to be all kinds of depressing.

3.  I have made considerable progress on my 25 books for the year having now read 15 books.  I’ll probably up my goal in June if I continue at this pace.  I did achieve something it’s taken me years to accomplish – I finished “War and Peace”.  My brain struggles with philosophical writing so I need to read it very slowly and multiple times to grasp it.  But it’s done and I may read it again sometime…in another 5-10 years.

4.  LP and I have not been quite so good at reading together lately.  I can manage one book every few days.  She is very active and dislikes sitting still unless she’s eating.  So I’ve been trying to sit her on my lap when she’s eating her snack (toast or cheerios) and read, but it’s still a struggle to finish before she gets too squirmy to manage both a book and a one year old.  I’m still going to work on doing this because!

5.  I’m no longer watching the baby I mentioned in April, which ironically has not affected my morning routine.  I’ve been very successful in keeping that going.  My night time routine is still a struggle, although I’ve somewhat set a bedtime at 10 pm since I’m normally awake by 7:30 because LP is talking over the baby monitor.  I think I’m just going to stop beating myself up about this and focus my energies somewhere else.

6.  I did finish knitting the wrap I resolved to complete in April.  It’s waiting to be blocked and photographed and boxed so I can post it in my Etsy shop.  I have another larger item on the needles right now, but it’s a gift so I can’t talk about it.  It needs to be finished by the first week of June, so that can be my knitting resolution for May. Additionally, I am resolving to figure out how to use my new sewing machine.  I’m in the process of converting some of Husband and I’s old nostalgic t-shirts into re-usable grocery bags (an idea from Pinterest) and that’s helping me to learn the basics of the machine my wonderful mother bought me for Christmas and I, the ungrateful daughter, am just now learning to use.  I’d like to finish all the bags and feel comfortable doing the basics on the machine by the end of the month.  I’m just putting out a disclaimer right now that this may be a 2 month goal, since I did mention before that we have guests coming for the entire second half of the month and it’s unlikely I’ll have much free time apart from knitting, cleaning, purging, reading, entertaining, and trying to keep up my Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer skills.  #momlife.


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