The end of March! And some April resolutions.

This month seemed to go by faster than anytime in the past year!  Maybe because in three days a certain little lady will be turning ONE!  *sniff*  I honestly can say it’s felt like a year since she was born though.  She’s still quite small so maybe that helps. I’ll try and post some pictures of Miss LP after her birthday party later this month.  Meanwhile, I’ll fill you in on resolutions, past and present.


1.  In the craziness that was this month, I completely gave up on the 52 weeks of home organization.  After I got our paper clutter under control, I just wasn’t motivated to keep following the steps, so I’m making a point to spend 15 minutes, twice a day to do some crazy cleaning so that I don’t get too behind.  We’re also slowly growing our pile for the garage sale, whenever that happens.  I feel pretty comfortable with the state of cleanliness our house is in, although I’m getting the decorating bug which means there will probably be furniture re-arranging this month.  In April, I’m resolving to keep up with the 15 minute cleaning sessions and I’m going to try and clean out our clothing closet.


2.  We did not go see a movie in theaters this month.  Mostly because there weren’t many movies I wanted to see in the theaters other than the Hunger Games and John Carter.  And I’d like to actually read the Hunger Games book first, so we may go see that in April. And I’ve told husband that I will probably just make my goal 12 movies this calendar year, so when the summer comes I can get a little bit caught up with all the summer blockbuster films.


3.  I still am not on Twitter, as Easter hasn’t arrived yet, and I gotta be honest with you…I don’t really miss it that much.  I miss following a few people, and being able to update my status on Facebook from anywhere, but I think when I pick it back up again  I will be unfollowing the majority of people I don’t know in real life or from the blogosphere (aka lots of celebrities) and I will be much more selective about what I say in those 140 characters.


4.  Keep working on those 25 books throughout April.  I finished two books this month – both on the Christian life and both that I loved.  One is quite well-known, called “Too Busy Not to Pray” and it has drastically impacted my prayer life.  The other is called “Sexy Christians” and was a phenomenal read on the intimacy aspect of a Christian marriage.  And not just physical intimacy but emotional and intellectual intimacy between spouses as well.  I would highly recommend both.  I will continue to read towards my goal of 25, but I’m adding the goal of trying to finish “War and Peace” in April.  I’ve got about 300 pages left, so I think it’s definitely doable.


5.  LP and I spent lots of time reading this month.  Maybe not every day, but quite often.  She really loves books and we are trying to make reading part of her bedtime routine.  She can easily content herself with a book during a car ride and it’s very sweet to see her “reading” to her bunny lovey as we drive.  I’d like to keep this up and I may start reading some chapter books to her.  I want to hold off on reading things like The Chronicles of Narnia to her so that she actually remembers the first time she got to read it or hear it, but I can pick up some other classics like the Secret Garden, or the Enchanted Castle and read through those again with her.


6.  I have done pretty well with my nighttime routine, making a point to wash my face, brush my teeth, and floss every night.  It helps that I also keep a daily journal for LP about what she did that day (especially the “firsts”).  I’m going to start implementing a wake-up time every week day this month because I have been blessed with the opportunity to watch a sweet baby while her mom goes to work for a while each day.  And I’d like to have time to eat breakfast, spend some time in the Word, and do one of my 15 minute cleaning flashes before the baby gets dropped off each morning.  And maybe a bedtime will stem from a regular wake up time.  We’ll see…


7.  I epically failed at getting some things knit for my Etsy shop.  I attribute it to the fact that I joined a swap on Ravelry and was busy knitting some things for my swap partner that were a little more challenging than I had expected them to be.  However, that package goes out this week, so I can refocus on knitting a few things for the shop.  I am working on a lovely wrap and some more baby hats.  My goal is to get the wrap at least done this month.  I say just that because lace is hard!


One thought on “The end of March! And some April resolutions.

  1. Yaaay! Keep up the great work! I wish I was the person receiving one of your beautiful knits. How fun to do a swap! ☺ Hope your April is filled with completed resolutions!! ☺

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