A Blog Post from Husband – I Did the KLOVE 30 Day Challenge and I Survived!

I am not, overall, a very big fan of the Christian music industry. That said, I found a large amount of joy in digging into the albums that I loved as a teen. Some of them hold up great, some have aged from pretty good albums into fantastic albums, and others are – well, others are almost unlistenable. Here are some of the facts I discovered while digging into my back catalogue:


  • Rich Mullins > everything.


  • Five Iron Frenzy’s music is actually even more relevant now than it was 15 years ago. Don’t believe me? Anthem could be the theme song for this current election year and Get Your Riot Gear fits in perfectly with the Occupy movement. There’s a blog post on this topic, but it’d be a several thousand word essay on Five Iron, and let us be honest – no one wants that. Except me.


  • The self-titled Sixpence None the Richer album is indeed fantastic, buuut I think I’ve actually come to prefer their 1995 masterpiece (that’s right, I said masterpiece) This Beautiful Mess – it has that great early 90’s feel with a track list full of great songs.


  • The first Jars of Clay album, sadly, does not hold up all that well. In fact, I never made it all the way through a single song without hitting skip. Much Afraid, though, is largely fantastic.


  • I still love Sarah Masen. All of her albums.


  • The O.C. Supertones kinda/sorta/almost hold up, in an ironic 90’s youth group van music sort of way.


  • The Newsboys have yet to produce anything nearly as good as Take Me To Your Leader or Going Public. If you think any of their albums since then are as good, or better, you are wrong. And I will fight you if you think otherwise.


  • Jennifer Knapp’s Kansas album is perfect, and resonates even more now than it did when it was released. I remember seeing her opening for Audio Adrenaline and The O.C. Supertones in the fall of ’97 and being instantly smitten, along with everyone else in the audience. Also, I find it amusing that 15 year old me had even less of a chance with her than I could have ever possibly guessed.


  • Audio Adrenaline stayed consistently great to good throughout their entire run.


  • I am pretty much sick of Third Day.


  • You guys? MXPX’s Life In General and Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo are still so good.


  • Skillet’s music has, somehow, gotten even better over time. Who’d have guessed?


  • Why didn’t Seven Day Jesus ever make a second album?


  • And why did we ever love The W’s so much?


  • dc Talk: Um, not as good as teenaged Jason would have argued. That’s all I going to say about that.


How about you? What was your favorite album growing up? And, does it still hold up?


5 thoughts on “A Blog Post from Husband – I Did the KLOVE 30 Day Challenge and I Survived!

  1. Don’t get me wrong – I like The W’s! Looking back though, I’m just surprised they were ever a huge craze in Christian music. Christian music fads are weird when you start to think about them too much.

  2. This is excellent!

    Keep: Steven Curtis Chapman (soft spot), Jars of Clay “If I left the Zoo”, d.c. talk “Supernatural”, & Amy Grant “Heart in Motion.” I still listen to Aaron Sprinkle, Sixpence, & Caedmon’s Call regularly.

    Lose: Point of Grace & M.W. Smith (ugh), among others.

    & I loooved the O.C. Supertones. 🙂

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