February Resolve

January’s resolutions went so well that I had a hard time keeping the number of resolutions for February to a manageable number.  I know that if I take too much on, I’ll only be frustrated when I can’t handle it all, so I’m going to try and pace myself.

1.  Another four weeks of the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home challenge.  During January, I cleaned off our kitchen counters and went through the kitchen cupboards and drawers.  I purged a lot of stuff, and found new and better homes and storage ideas for things which had kind of been wandering around the kitchen from this place to that looking for an ideal home.  Our garage sale stash now has our “big” item (we like to have one big thing we’re trying to get out of our house a year), and many little kitchen items.  There has been an awkward little week (this week) that is both January and February, but luckily for me, this week’s task is to organize your cookbooks and recipes – something I am well on my way to doing already.  If anyone would like about fifteen back issues of Food Network Magazine, I’m systematically going through them and copying or pinning the recipes (if I can find them online) and then recycling or getting rid of the magazine.  Let me know!

2.  Go see one movie this month in the theaters with Husband – We’ve already picked out the movie we’d like to see in theaters this month, The Secret World of Arietty.  (We are big Studio Ghibli fans).  Now we just have to hope that it comes to theaters in town before the month is up.

3.  Read 25 books in 2012.  Still plugging along at this one.  I only managed one book in January.  Hopefully I’ll manage at least 2 this month.  Note to self: pick books that are not 500+ pages long for every book you read.

4.  Set a bedtime and bedtime routine.  This may be tough.  Husband is on a varying start schedule during the week.  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, he starts work at one time and Tuesdays/Thursdays another time.  We use the days he starts later as an excuse to stay up way past where we should be going to sleep.  However, LP still gets up early no matter what day it is.  So I’m going to set a bedtime for me, at least, which means lights out.  And I’d also like to start a routine to help me signal to my body that it’s getting time for sleep.  Nothing super fancy, just brushing and flossing my teeth, washing my face, reading a bit, and writing in LP’s journal.

5.  Switch to more cost-efficient and safe cleaning supplies.  I confess, I started this one a bit early.  I’ve been wanting to start using cleaning supplies that don’t contain as many harsh and unpronounceable chemicals in them for a while.  I’ve already switched to home-made anti-bacterial and all-purpose cleaners, and I plan on making up some batches of homemade laundry detergent, shower cleaner, glass cleaner, and fabric softener this month as well.  I need to buy some more heavy duty spray bottles.  There are a few things that I am sticking with the harder, commercial cleaners (or at least not-homemade).  These would include toilet cleaner, cloth diaper soap (we use Rockin’ Green or Charlie’s, both of which I feel comfortable using) and most likely dishwasher soap as I haven’t found a blend of organic or home-made dishwasher soap that actually works in our dishwasher to my satisfaction.

6.  Make a will.  Husband and I both have been saying for two years (since we first took FPU) that we need to make out a will.  Now that LP is around, this is doubly important.  So in honor of Valentines’ Day, I’d like to get that done so it’s off of my mental to-do list.

Do you have any new resolutions for February?


2 thoughts on “February Resolve

  1. Arietty looks fun! That’s the first I’ve heard of it (I live under a rock). I’m overall going to find a way to be organized with food and find the cheapest ways to get the most nutritious food. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. We keep going over budget with food when I try to do more fruits and veggies. I am also dieting, but that’s not a new goal, just an old pain in the gut. I also want to make little stuffed critters for my shop for this month.

  2. Hey Diana, I know the feeling when it comes to pain at the grocery store. We eat lots of frozen peas, green beans, tomatoes (from a can), and apples (which are cheap because of where we live).

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