January Resolutions, A Critique

We’ve only got five days left in January – hard to believe!  (I find it hard to believe I made it through this month without tearing my hair out!)  I’ve managed to keep nearly all of my resolutions for this month.  How about you?  Here’s a rundown

1. The 30 Day Challenge – The radio station that suggested this wanted to know how your life could be changed by listening to only Christian music for 30 days in a row.  I learned that I don’t listen to music very much.  This wasn’t much of a challenge for me, except when we drove across the state to my in-laws’ house.  I suppose that I should try to listen to music more (and by that, Christian music more) so that L gets exposed to music, but that’s a resolution for a different month.

2.  The 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge – I made it through four weeks!  I have successfully followed these weekly challenges, despite having trouble getting them delivered to my inbox every week.  I have gone through and purged all of our cupboards but one (the last large pantry cupboard, of course) and I think I’ll try this one for another four/five weeks – until the end of February.  Our kitchen looks much…sleeker?  I eliminated a lot of things I was storing on the counters by going through my cupboards and eliminating things that should be stored in other rooms as well as starting to add to our garage-sale pile.

3.  Not worrying about dieting – this is the one where I didn’t quite make it.  I’m really looking forward to going back on South Beach and hopefully we can manage that at some point in February or March.  I’ve started a Pinterest board with South Beach friendly recipes to help us with meal planning (one of the hardest parts of any diet change!)  so that when we do decide to head back to the Beach, I’ll have lots of options and will be less easily swayed to go out for pizza.

4.  Read 25 books in 2012 – I’ve finished one book so far “Death Comes to Pemberley” (very good book!)  I am about half way done with three other books and have got about 500 pages left on “War and Peace”.  (It’s on my bucket list).  I think this will definitely be a challenge for me as I don’t get much reading time except when I collapse into bed at night.  Husband and I, however, have started the 40 Day Love Dare, which will count as a book and also is a great way to work on improving our marriage.

5.  Go see one movie with Husband a month in theaters – Like I said in my original January post, I’ve already accomplished this for January by going to see Sherlock Holmes 2 on New Years Day.  I have no idea what to go see in February, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Stay tuned, next week I’ll be posting my February resolutions (I’ve got them almost all lined up!)  And please feel free to share with me your resolutions and how you did with them!


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