We’re not big resolution makers here in this household.  I’m more of a “if I’m gonna do it, we do it right now” instead of a “let’s start at the beginning of…”

So I’m going to try and do resolutions a month at a time.  Here’s January’s.

1.  Husband and I are taking KLOVE’s 30 day challenge.  We started yesterday.  It involves listening to only Christian music for 30 days in a row.  We’ve both made playlists of all our Christian music (I also put classical on mine b/c I don’t think I could survive w/o classical music some days) and have put them on our ipods.  We’re eager to see how listening to only uplifting music will influence our lives over the course of the next 30 days.

2.  I’ve started the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home challenge on Home Storage Solutions 101.  I’ve told myself I am only committing to four weeks at this point, and if I can manage it and a 9 month old at the same time, then I’ll commit to another 4 weeks in February.

3.  I’m resolving to stop worrying about dieting until I’m done nursing L.  Both husband and I would dearly love to go back on South Beach (we successfully lost almost 50 lbs between the two of us in two months last time) but that isn’t an option while I’m nursing L  as it would drastically affect my supply.  Her health is priority and while this doesn’t mean we’re going off the deep end in our eating habits (we try to eat healthy b/c LP’s primary source of nutrition is still me), it does mean that I’m not going to overstress about eliminating the sugar that isn’t obvious or start running/walking/whatever.

4.  The one year long challenge I’ve committed to is trying to read 25 books before this time next year.  I thought I could easily accomplish 30 books in 2010, but I was hard-pressed to do this with a baby, so I’m not pushing myself as hard this year (since soon I’ll have a toddler!)

5.  Finally, I’m going to try and go see one movie in the theaters with my husband a month.  (And yes, we’re taking it one month at a time.)  While I don’t particularly care for spending nearly $20 to go sit in a dark room with a bunch of people and loud noises and bright screen and not talk, it’s important to him so I’m going to try and accompany him once every 30ish days.  Fortunately, January is already checked off as we went to see Sherlock Holmes yesterday.

Are you resolving to change anything this year?


One thought on “Resolve

  1. I LOVE your list! You have encouraged me to make a few resolutions too. I tend to not make any myself either. I like the ‘month at a time” approach! Yay!

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