LP is napping, which gives me about 15 minutes to update you on the past month.  LP napping usually looks like this:

Which is adorable.  And will happen anywhere but her crib or pack n play.

We are surviving, and thriving.  LP is past her birth weight and up to nearly 8 lbs – an astounding amount of weight for her to be.  We are trying to settle in to a routine, but with a baby you know that is nearly impossible, so it’s mostly just me trying to get a handle on approximately when she will want to sleep for 45 minutes so I can dress/eat/do laundry/wash dishes/pump versus when she will want to sleep for 5-15 minutes so I can start one of those activities and then be interrupted by frantic, sheep bleating-like screaming because “MAMA IS NOT HOLDING ME!”  I feel very loved and needed and appreciated by my daughter.  I also felt loved and appreciated by my husband on Sunday for my very first mother’s day with my own child.  We spent it fairly low key, with DH wearing LP in the Moby for church and then resting/playing games at home until a dinner out with Meemaw and the family.

Despite the fact we still have to buy disposable diapers (we want to do cloth diapers but LP is still too small and in newborn size which are still a little loose) we managed to finagle enough money out of our budget this month to pay off our car – a significant step in our FPU journey.  We are down to simply one credit card to pay off before we hit the big time debts (namely, student loans).  And we used the fact we no longer have a car payment to accrue a bit more debt and invest in a new computer.  We haven’t bought a new computer in almost 10 years, a ridiculous amount of time in computer age.  So we splurged and bought a top of the line Mac, so we don’t have to buy another computer for hopefully another five years.  It’s arriving this week sometime, along with my mother-in-law (not together) so this week will be eventful and fun and also in the 80’s, so we can throw open the windows and doors and start airing this house out…which smells like baby barf and floors that have not been vacuumed in nearly two weeks.

Because we’re too busy loving on her:


One thought on “Progress

  1. You guys are doing fabulous! I only had one kid who didn’t insist on being held constantly during the first two months. Seriously, you will do great at this. You can always catch up on housework later. Like, after she graduates.

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