I’m sure you all saw this coming about ten miles off…there will probably be less blogging on this site for a while.  We have our sweet little girl finally in a place she can be held, cuddled, kissed, snuggled, and admired.  Which is going to be our primary family focus for a while.

I can, over a week in, tell you she is a dream of a baby so far.  She eats like a champ despite being very small and having issues the first few days with breastfeeding.  We’ve made some adjustments to how we feed her, but she is strictly breastmilk fed and is already growing out of her preemie clothes, much to her momma’s dismay.  She has long legs and enormous feet, her great-grandmother’s and aunt’s nose, and the most entertaining facial expressions.  (I may be biased on that last item).  She’s met the entirety of my side of the immediate family – and we hope to introduce her to the rest of father’s immediate family (those who are in the US) during the next few weeks.

DH heads back to work next Monday, which is also my birthday, but we aren’t celebrating that event as much as we are the fact that LP is here and we can hold her and marvel that God gave us such an amazing and beautiful little girl


4 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. Beautiful baby, beautiful name, and oh my goodness, congratulations! Happy motherhood, my dear. Enjoy!

    (And our Sarah has that hat, which delights me so. And I would love to try that pie crust recipe.)

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