On an (almost) entirely unrelated to baby note:

A week ago, my father and uncle dropped off a steamer trunk in my nursery.  I’m only receiving two things from my paternal grandmother (other than lots of good memories and life lessons) when she passes on, and the steamer trunk is one of them.  My father (and uncle!) are set on getting the basement of my grandmother’s house cleaned out.  And since I’ve been pestering my father to bring me the trunk so I can clean it and use it for my yarn stash (good idea, right?)  they finally brought it over.  Only problem is, they stuffed it as full of things from the basement as they could before plopping it in the center of my nursery floor.  It now weighs about 300 pounds.  In order to get my nursery back, I have to clean it out so I can move said 300 lb steamer trunk somewhere other than where it is now currently residing.

I’m not planning on keeping everything they put in there.  No way, jefe.  So I’ve been sorting through it a little at a time…until today.  I just pulled everything out.  There’s hardly any room in the nursery to walk.  There are TONS of old linens, with handwritten notes by my grandmother about where they come from and who made them.  My handknits wash is safe for vintage linens as well, so I’m going through the slow process of testing each one for colorfastness, handwashing it, rinsing it, drying it, and wrapping it up with its little note in acid-free paper.

There are also lots of photos (going to my photographer father to scan and make copies of), old books, treasures from trips to Hawaii, old letters and stamps, tax information, paintings, and all the lesson plans from my great aunt’s classes on homemaking.  I may transcribe those lesson plans for future posts because they are, quite frankly, awesome.  There’s an entire box of flight plans and records of runways around the state from my grandmother’s airline (yes, she owned and ran an airline).  There are report cards from my father’s school days, and my great grandmother’s school days.  I found utility bills from 1941 and newspaper clippings from the Challenger explosion.  Sewing kits and cake decorating tools, shoes and drivers’ licenses.  A taste of my past family a few months before I meet my newest family.


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