Well, yes, things have been happening around here.  We just haven’t been posting them.

After all the insanity of the holidays, mixed in with the one-two punch of five (FIVE) birthdays in January, plus planning for showers (bridal and baby) – not to mention one of us is pregnant…we are still exhausted.  We’ve been doing our best to find our Sabbath place –  resting when we can, slowly moving furniture into the nursery, and spending much time on the couch.  With all the requests being placed on us for decisions and our opinions on every issue of childcare, the demands of acting gracious under the most ridiculous of suggestions for the best way to birth and bring up babies, and the weather changing mercurially every few seconds, we’re both completely drained and in need of some time…apart.  We’re done traveling for now (although an IKEA trip may be in our future) and the pregnant one of us has entered the danger zone for heart health.  Thankfully, we haven’t hit the point where bedrest is needed, but it’s still lurking out there as a very real possibility.

So for now, our posts will probably be few and far between.  We may be doing our 2010 movie reviews (though this will probably be the last year both of us will write them) and if you’d like a good laugh, be sure to check those out in the upcoming weeks.  If anything major happens, you can find out via our Tweet feed (on the right or you can follow us).


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