In retrospective

Well, now it is cranked up to ’11.  We were supposedly going to have flying cars and hoverboards and way more leisure time by now, but to be perfectly honest, I had quite a good time in 2010.  Husband and I were talking a few days ago about how we aren’t entirely sure that 2011 can compete with how epic and wonderful 2010 was, but come mid-April, we may revise that statement.  In case you’re new here, or you’re just reminiscent like I am, here’s a brief update of what happened with us during the last 12 months.

January at SPU

In January, we got a good review from Husband’s MS specialist, always a wonderful way to start the year.  We also tried to do our yearly Top Ten Movies lists, but as usual, it dragged into February.  We celebrated the plethora of birthdays in Husband’s family that happen in that first month of the year, and we heard about yet another adoption opportunity.

In February, we started Financial Peace University.  This has become a lifestyle changing point for us.  We immediately set into motion several big changes in our financial habits which have started to pay off richly.

John and the Sharebear

In March, we took it a little easy.  We waited to hear about our adoption opportunity, continued to save money like crazy for the summer, and enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather.  Near the end of the month, I spent part of my mom’s spring break with her and my dad.  We traveled up to the Northwest corner of the state and took lots of pictures, ate wonderful food, and went to yarn stores.

Our team

April brought Easter and my 28th birthday.  We also saw an end to that particular chapter in our adoption story.  For the second year in a row, we participated in the local chapter of the National MS Walk and were blessed to form our own (small) team from friends and family to walk alongside of us.

During May, we finished up with Financial Peace University.  We had our first baby step accomplished.  Husband’s brother and his wife visited us for a weekend.  And I had a great six month check-up with my electrophysiologist.  The first of May, we began a new diet, which forced us to focus more on what exactly we bought to stock our kitchen with.  We also started sharing a bit with you all about our adoption story on the blog and began praying nightly that God would show us just the right door to walk through to expand our family.

We started out June with a few health problems, nothing major, just stressful.  I also traveled to Spokane with my father for one of the coldest, wettest art shows we’ve ever done.  There were puddles in our booth.  We celebrated with our friends, Jim and Daja, the birth of their daughter Halle.  And we went to Portland, OR for the wedding of a college friend and a visit with Husband’s grandmother.

Taking the family wine-tasting

July was a rollercoaster.  We started out with another friend’s wedding.  We had a visit from my aunt and cousin from Georgia, allowing Husband to meet the other side of my family for the first time.  (Much different from my father’s side…)  We traveled all over the state to see various family members and show them the sights.  We also had another art show (this one much hotter and free of rain).  The temperatures reached their annual peak in the 100’s.  And near the end of the month, we started preparing to travel out of the country for the third wedding of the summer.

Many of the Grandkids...

During August we spent two weeks in Canada for Husband’s youngest brother’s wedding.  Which, b/c of FPU, we were able to pay for in cash.  We drove up through BC and Alberta to Grande Prairie and met many wonderful Canucks, saw lots of tall mountains and beautiful scenery, and suspected we were pregnant.  In Canada.  When we returned home, it was confirmed and we commenced the with the secrecy.  My grandmother also celebrated her 90th birthday near the end of August and many of her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren came to celebrate with her.

J & Ryan

In September, we attended the video game convention in Seattle called PAX with six of our friends.  We spent an entire weekend gallivanting around downtown Seattle with 75,000 other video game nerds (four men and three pregnant women – though no one knew I was pregnant but Husband and me).  The last weekend of the month, we told our parents about their forthcoming grandparenthood, saving the reveal for Husband’s father’s birthday, when I was nearly 12 weeks along.

Kiki in a bag

October was full of many tests, on both me and our baby.  She and I saw normal doctors, baby doctors, heart doctors, perinatologists, doctors who specialize in my specific heart defect’s problems during pregnancy.  Lots of doctors.  Husband got the opportunity to take a business trip to Boston for a week, and I spent the week at home hanging out with my family and friends.  During the last few days of the month, we were thrilled to help our friends Mike and Elle welcome their daughter, Leah, into the world.

Shannon and Maysen

November kicked off the holiday season.  Our praise band, Doxa, got together for a gig for the first time in a year.  We spent several days in Boise, Idaho, with our best friends from college – catching up, playing video games, eating at fun places, and watching movies.  On the 18th, we found out we are having a little girl.  For Thanksgiving, we spent a weekend at Husband’s family’s house.  It also snowed like crazy!

Finally, in December, we celebrated the birth of Christ.  We also celebrated to find out our daughter has no heart defects!  There was an elevated chance of her being born with a congenital heart defect because I have one, but God is amazingly good and as far as the docs can tell, she has a completely normal heart.  We spent several weekends this past month with family on both sides, exchanging gifts and spending time with each other.  Just last week, we were blessed to meet yet another baby girl of our friends’ – Natalie Nicole, born on the 27th.  New Years’ Eve was spent with these same friends and others, cooing over babies (and bellies) and playing lots of Rock Band.

And now we’re in 2011.  We are so very excited about what this year will bring.  Already the changes are coming fast and thick.  We plan on going through Financial Peace University again with our church.  There may be big job changes on the horizon for Husband.  My brother is getting married.  And of course, we are highly anticipating welcoming our own daughter in April.  Here’s wishing you a very exciting, life-changing, and blessed new year…


2 thoughts on “In retrospective

  1. I’m not sure how I missed this one, but that was a great year in review. Thanks for sharing!

    2011’s update is sure to revolve around this little bundle of joy that’s going to rock your world unlike anything you could ever dream of. Kids are such a blessing!

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