Why yes, it has been over a month since we put a word on this blog.  And yes, there have been things to post about.  And now that you mention it, we have been a little busy – which is why there hasn’t been any updating.  With what, you ask?

We went to Boise:

Some of our bestest friends from college live there, we went to catch up with them and to take a break before all of the holiday mayhem began.

We also celebrated Thanksgiving with Husband’s family this year:

There was lots of food, of course.  And lots of movies and  games, Christmas lights going up, knitting, and sitting by the fireplace with a cat in my lap.  It felt like no time at all had passed when we went back last weekend to celebrate an early Christmas with them – we’ve had so much crammed into our schedule.  Christmas shopping, Christmas concerts, Christmas decorating and baking, planning out holiday activities and taking advantage of all the wonderful snow.

Not to mention getting ready for the baby.  Cleaning out the room which will be hers, setting up a registry while trying to avoid going out to the holiday shopper stuffed retail centers, browsing baby name books (nothing decided yet!) and all the while trying to remind ourselves to enjoy this season.

And once again, here we are on the brink of Christmas Day, courting exhaustion.

Husband and I have been reading a book together on learning to celebrate the Sabbath not just once a week, but every day.  In small ways.  Taking a moment, a few breaths before heading out to run errands, lighting some candles and saying a prayer, silently passing on blessings – simple ways to allow ourselves to rest throughout the entire week.  For the most part, Sabbath seems like a Jewish tradition – but what it boils down to at its core is the need for us to renew and refocus on the Lord, to not push ourselves to work and progress every minute.  We need that.

Which is one of the reasons I love Christmas Eve so much.  Unless you are like my father, most of your holiday gift preparation is done by now.  Your decorations are hung, your cookies are baked, your presents are wrapped.  By six o’clock tonight, all the stores should be closed, and Fed-Ex is no longer dropping off brown boxes.  That’s it – no more time to do anything to prepare for Christmas.  It’s here.  We have run out of time before tomorrow comes.

I love to stand outside in the darkness on Christmas Eve and simply feel that everything is still.  Some of us may have simply collapsed in exhaustion, but the moment has been reached, like a giant exhale acknowledging that for a few hours, we can rest.  We can sit down and enjoy those around us (whether we want to be around them or not).  We can have a cup of tea or cocoa.  We can do what we need to rejuvenate ourselves before the mayhem of tomorrow. To some people, Christmas Eve is not nearly as wonderful as Christmas Day.  There’s no jubilant rushing to the tree or the stockings to unwrap gifts, or lavish family dinners, or noisy celebration.  But to me, the fact that Christmas Eve forces us to stop and rest, that it’s such a quiet and holy evening is what is so special about this day.  This night.  A night all about a little baby who is God.


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