How did my tests go on Tuesday?  Glad you asked!

For those of you not in the know, we went up to Spokane Tuesday morning for my 6 month pacer check and for a fetal ultrasound on the baby to see if there are any major heart defects.  (I have one, therefore, they are hyper alert for my child having one.)

My appointment went great.  My pacemaker hasn’t uttered a peep in the last six months, not even to pace me (which is a good thing) and my doctor said that I’m doing well for being pregnant.  He is a little concerned that I don’t have as much energy as I could have so if that doesn’t get better over the next few weeks, they may adjust my pacer settings.

Unfortunately, we got scheduled too early in my pregnancy for the fetal ultrasound.  We are going back up the week after US Thanksgiving for that, with a different doctor.  However, I was told that my heart doctors definitely want me to have the baby up at the hospital near them so that my team is nearby, which means a scheduled induction or C-section (they are leaning toward the latter, and to be honest, so am I).  All in all, it was a good appointment, although we didn’t get to see much of the baby and not all our questions were answered.  We see our perinatologist (sp?) next Tuesday and that’s when we will probably find out about bedrest, etc.  So we will keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Blurb

  1. I’m so glad your appointments are all going well so far. A healthy mommy is the first step to a healthy baby!

    And if (or should I say when) you get comments about having a c-section, just let it roll off your back. There are a lot of well meaning people who will say hurtful things (at least they did to me when I opted for a c-section after finding out Titus was breech). Clearly, you and your doctors know what’s best for you and this precious little life. I’m so excited for your family!

  2. Dude, I loved my c-sections. I don’t know how you FEEL about it, like, just leaning that way for safety’s sake or if you’d really prefer it anyway. But (speaking as someone who’s done both) since you’re going to have some pain either way? It’s a wash in that department. What matters in the end is that sweet little knitter-slash-musician!

    Let me know if anyone’s rude to you about it. I’ll punch ’em in the junk.

  3. LOL @ Dellaina – I’ll be sure to warn people.

    I am DEFinitely not upset about the c-section. Although it is still not a for-sure thing, I’m seriously betting that’s what the docs will opt for to avoid putting strain on my heart. I was guiltily pulling for one ever since I found out I was knocked up. I usually am all for honoring your ancestors and experiencing what they did, but in this case? Nope.

    @ Robyn, most people so far have nodded wisely and say “that’s probably for the best” b/c they know I have health issues. So far so good in the comments about c-sections…other things? I may start a blog just for insane comments.

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