Baby FAQ’s

I figure you’ll all have some questions, so here are some answers.  If you have other questions, let me know and we’ll do our best to answer them…

How far along are you?

11 weeks when we told y’all yesterday.

So when are you due?

April 18th, which is coincidentally, my 29th birthday.

When did you find out?

We suspected on our Canada trip and were 80% sure by the time we got back.  Our confirmation tests were the week after we got back, so the last full week of August we knew for sure.

Aren’t you worried about your heart problems?

Um, yes.  But my cardiologists are confident with all the tests they’ve run and my pacemaker will alert us to any problems.  We, however, are confident in our God.  We know that there is no way this pregnancy was under our control in any way and He has every moment of these nine months and beyond in His grasp. I’m seeing at least four different doctors, so I’m not sure how we can be more prepared than we already are.

There is a bit higher chance that our baby will have a congenital heart defect because I have one (and several members of my family have them).  Sometime between my 16th and 18th week, we are taking a trip up to Spokane to the home offices for my six month pacemaker check as well as some tests for the baby’s heart.  They will at least do a Doppler and a fetal echocardiogram to look for abnormalities with the baby’s heart.  If there are problems, we’ll go from there.  But prayers would definitely be appreciated.

Are you going to find out the baby’s gender?

Yes.  And we will tell you.

What about that Austria job?

That is a…hm.  Well, we are not expecting husband to get the job offer, since it was a long shot application in the first place.  However, if by some Act of God he does get an offer, many MANY things would have to fall into place.  We want to have our child here on U.S. soil, around my doctors, and near our family.  We’d also like the health care options to be comparable in Austria, especially if there are problems with the baby’s heart (or mine, for that matter).  So the position will have to be very flexible.  But right now, we’re leaning towards this: if every minute little detail gets worked out we’ll consider it God’s go-ahead and we’ll take the job and move to Austria.

How are you feeling?

I am feeling first trimester-ish.  I sleep about 15 hours a day total and feel nauseated most of the time.  But I’ve been blessed in that I have not barfed once.  Which is amazing considering how ready my stomach is to barf at any moment under normal not-pregnant circumstances.  I’ve had a few migraines from stress (keeping a secret from everyone for 7 weeks is stressful!) and hormones.  But for the most part, I’ve had a great first trimester.

How is Husband doing?

He has been stressed keeping the secret for so long and with all the financial decisions coming up.  (No worries, he’s not pulling a Jackson Belleville).  He says “I am absolutely thrilled. Beyond thrilled, even. I can imagine anything more exciting, or amazing, than raising a child with wife. She’ll be an amazing Mom, and I can’t wait to experience all of the highs (and lows) that being a parent will bring. I’m a little anxious to see how God’s going to work out how all of this is going to work with our health conditions, but like in every other area of our life I know it will work out better than I could ever imagine.  On top of that, I also will get to fulfill my lifelong dream of introducing my child to Star Wars. So, you know, there’s that.”

How did you tell your parents & husband’s parents?

Those stories are best told in person.  Where you can see facial expressions.


6 thoughts on “Baby FAQ’s

  1. We’ve been told health care in Germany is great- less bedside manner though.
    I’d assume Austria’s would be similar. We’re going to be checking doctors out when we go in November to visit Dusseldorf. I think it’d be awesome to be able to visit you guys! Is it in Vienna?

    • Megan – yes, as far as we’ve heard it’s at an International Lab that is either in or right outside Vienna. One of Jason’s co-workers has worked there in the past and she said she was able to live in Vienna and walk to work at the lab. So we’d be able to visit!

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