Our other mini “vacation” this year was PAX 2010, or PAX Prime.  In Seattle, this is a video game expo with lots of playable demos for games coming out, geeky costumes, and all sorts of nerdery.  There are panels on everything from women in gaming to how to design your own game to press releases by big companies (Gearbox?).  Four of us couples went, and for the most part I think the menfolk enjoyed themselves far more than the women.  But we did get to hang out with husband’s brother, go to Pike’s Place Market, see some interesting concerts, and spend some time at Gameworks.  We didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of the convention floor itself, mostly of concerts and Gameworks.  Oh well.

Husband and friends shooting zombies

Sideways means the kill shot!

The guys killed stuff

My friends and I played the Hummer racing game.

Our husbands approve


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