Oh yeah, we went to Canada.

For the past seven months we have been socking away money for a two week trip up to Grande Prairie, Alberta.  Husband’s brother got married and his (now) wife’s hometown happens to be nearly 20 hours north of us.  We debated for several months on the most efficient and cost-effective way to travel up there, first settling on flying (for expediency) and then switching to riding up with husband’s parents and sister.  Rather than bore you with a detailed description of every single day of our activities, I’ll just be posting pictures for your pleasure (unless you’ve already seen them on FB) for the next few posts while we get caught up.  All of our summer vacations are now over and we’re getting ready to plunge right into fall.  Hope you’re ready!

Husband's Brother and brother's wife

Husband and the groom



Man + Wife


Kissy face!



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