Foreign Soil

We have very few days left before we leave the country.  It sounds so exotic – leave the country – but we’re going to Canada.  (Which I know is NOT America and IS another country).  But in my mind, Canada is just so nice and close and almost like a baby step away from America.  Yes, they’re different and they aren’t us, but hopefully there won’t be too much culture shock.  Husband’s youngest brother is getting married in 12 days and we’re hitching a ride with his parents up to Alberta for the wedding.  Afterward, we’re taking a family vacation as we travel back down through Banff and Jasper.  We’ll get to see some stunning scenery and spend time with each other in close quarters – which are pretty much the only other qualifiers of a vacation along with being not-home.  I’m excited for this trip because we very desperately need a vacation.  Granted, it won’t be just a two of us trip (haven’t had one of those since our honeymoon), but it will be nice to take that little baby-step away from home and American soil and to say we had an out-of-country experience this year.

This little baby-step to Canada is hopefully preparing us for a big step next year.  Husband has applied for  job out of country.  It is a very hail-mary type long-shot of an application, but he is definitely qualified for it and we would be thrilled if he were hired.  We won’t hear anything back for probably six months, and then if he gets an offer, we’d have about three months to pack up, sell our house and car and extra belongings, and move.  So we’d leave and get settled in just in time to fly back for my brother’s wedding next summer.  Unlike Canada, this job is overseas – in Vienna, Austria, to be precise.  It would be pretty much what he’s doing now, only at an international lab instead of a national lab.  We would only be there for three years (as long as the job lasts) and he would most likely ask for a leave-of-absence at his job so chances are high that when we moved back, we would be back here with him working again for the same company.  Like I said earlier, there is a very low chance we’ll get an offer since the job was a worldwide posting, so we’re trying not to get our hopes up too high.  However, we’d be ecstatic should he get an offer.  We feel a little stagnated where we are, (and I’m aware that by saying that, I’m giving an opening for the heavens to rain down upon us) so we’re making some strides to get where we’d like to be.  For two weeks this month that will be Canada.  And possibly next year that place may be Austria.


One thought on “Foreign Soil

  1. holy crap! i am like, super loving both of your posts this month!!! i hope that God does rain down new possibilities for you guys.:)

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