Open Doors

A lot has happened around here during the past two months.  Usually, my days are fairly low key – just chores around the house, planning out dinners, budgeting, reading, interacting via MSN with friends and my wonderful husband.  So when I sit down and try and blog, I normally feel there isn’t too much to share with the great big world of internet.

A few months ago, I was listening to an interview with one of my favorite bloggers.  She is incredibly funny and her posts are usually poignant, thought provoking, gut busting, or helpful.  I always wonder how bloggers such as her, with enormous followings, manage to keep up with all the posts.  She mentioned that she never blogs about something as it’s happening to her.  She always writes about events at least a week after they happen, and major events may take anywhere from a month to six months to get on the blog.  This way, she says, she is removed from the situation and not as likely to jump to conclusions concerning outcomes, give misleading information based on speculation, and able to be more positive and clear about things which have impacted her.

I’m taking that to heart and for a while, at least, am going to try and distance the blog from our major life events.  Mostly because I want to be able to tell you all the entire story without leaving you hanging, but also because it gives me greater freedom in writing about what is comfortable for me to share.  Rather than feeling obligated simply because something needs to be on the blog, I feel more open to sharing our personal experiences.  Not that this blog has an overabundance of readers, especially since we have to keep switching the dang address around.

All this to say, next week I’m going to be trying to post a few blogs about our attempts at adoption and expanding our family.  It is a deeply sensitive issue for both husband and me, but one we are open to sharing with the world of the internet.  If you have any specific questions, feel free to post them in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them.  We don’t have any amazing stories, but we do have unique ones which have impacted our lives and how we see the world, and we would love to share them.


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