It’s May!

Why yes, it has been nearly six weeks since our last update.  And yes, we are back to wordpress instead of our own site (for a while).  I have had some major laptop issues during the past month, and now we’re down to sharing one monitor for two computers and the mere thought of opening Rapid Weaver causes the poor machine to slow down to molasses in January pace.  So here we are.  Back where we started…mostly.

We’re starting to get geared up for summer now.  It is officially wedding season – we have a wedding every month until October.  There’s an art show at the end of this month for me to work with my father, and we have a trip to Canada (NORTHERN Canada) for one of those aforementioned weddings.  Somewhere in there is a family vacation and PAX.  Not to mention all the things that life will bring along the way – which in this family could be anything from major hospitalizations to winning the lottery.  Okay, not winning the lottery because you need to buy tickets for that.

It somehow doesn’t feel so much like summer yet.  It’s been in the 50’s and 60’s with rain and wind.  In fact, a rather large windstorm a week ago covered our entire neighborhood in trash during trash day.  This weather is fine for me.  I love it cool and overcast.

Anyway.  For now, you’ll have to keep checking here for updates until we get our computer situation figured out.  We will do our best to keep this site updated (gee, where have you heard that before?) and fill you in on what’s been going on around here (some serious stuff).  For now, have a lovely week!


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