One of the tough things about being someone with a CHD is the coming of spring (and for that matter, the coming of autumn). Without fail, at some point during March or April, the temperature takes a mighty hop from 30s and 40s every day to 50’s or maybe even 60s. And this year, while most of the country is dealing with multiple inches of snow, our neck of Washington State is waking up to clear skies, sunshine, and high temperatures.

And it’s still February.

I’m not complaining at all about the sun and lack of wind (although that wind part will surely be coming soon), but this is a little early for me to be completely wiped for the coming week or two while my heart adjusts to the leap in temperature. Also, the warmth appearing this early makes me a little apprehensive about the heights it may climb to this summer. In the past few years it has hit 100 degrees in April, which was so very not fun.

But for now, I’m finding myself freezing while other people are burning up. My fingers and toes are ice cold (and sometimes my lips turn blue). I sleep 10 to 12 hours (which I am very blessed to be able to do) and when I do drag myself out from under the covers, I have very little energy. My daily chores, which usually take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, seem impossible. And I usually end up having to curl up under several blankets and sleep or watch tv on the couch. Even knitting seems like it would be pushing it. On top of this, there are random palpitations of the heart which throw me off. Nothing painful or dangerous, just enough to give me pause with the faintest of worries that my pacemaker might fire. And of course, the pacemaker being implanted under a pectoral muscle has brought me to the age of 80 – when the humidity changes, my muscle aches. I might as well sit on a rocker on the porch and predict the next storm.

All that to say, if the blogging seems scarce the next week or two, just look for me on the couch.


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