Back to our regularly scheduled…

Well, now that that’s over, would you like to know what has been going on ’round here?


My brother asked his girlfriend of two years to marry him, which is about the most exciting thing I can talk about right now. He asked on her birthday, up at Snoqualmie Falls, and being a part of our family – had a photographer lined up to take pictures. Which, if you are friends with either of them on Facebook, you can look at. Otherwise, you’ll have to check our “Latest Photos” page over there to the right in the next few weeks as I try to get some out of him to put up here. We are beyond excited for them (ok, especially me) because we love her so very much and are thrilled she gets to be a part of our family as well as her own. They are planning to get married in July of 2011, so they have plenty of time to get finished with school and moved out of our house (in my bro’s case).

Speaking of love, the picture at the top is what husband got me for Valentines’ Day. It’s a swift and ball winder so I no longer need to wrap skeins around my knees and spend up to an hour winding them into balls of yarn. Does he know how to charm a girl or what?


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