Numbers 7 – Aliens, Diamonds and Cons

10: Sherlock Holmes
9: The Hurt Locker
7.) District 9

I can’t stop thinking about this film. We all know the facts by now – District 9 was made for only $30 million, first time director, really unique ad campaign, photorealistic special effects, etc. And yes, it’s all true. But on top of all of that? The film is *good*. Really good. And trust me, Science Fiction and “good” don’t often go hand in hand, especially if the film isn’t based on pre-existing material. But a brand new, completely original Sci Fi movie that’s actually good? Sign me up. A great (and intriguing) story, top notch acting, some great weapons and action sequences, and jaw dropping special effects are all strengths, but it’s the overall passion and confidence of director Blompkamp that so resoundingly shines through. This doesn’t feel like “the little movie that could,” on any sort of scale. This isn’t one of those “Oh, good for a Sci Fi movie” or “It’s good for a first time director” – this is a work that can (and will) stand next to the best of Spielberg, Lucas, James Cameron, and Ridley Scott. It’s surprising, moving, funny, and completely exhilarating. (Now, can we please have District 10?)

Favorite Moment:
The entire mech suit scene. By that time we’ve seen some pretty awesome stuff, and that scene just elevates the film to a whole new level. So cool, and miles better than the mech stuff in Avatar.


Top Ten:
7: The Brothers Bloom
8: What’s Your Raashee?
9: Fanboys
10: My Life in Ruins

Brothers Stephen and Bloom have been conning people since before they hit puberty. While Stephen loves the con and the act, while Bloom only longs for a connection with someone. When Bloom decides to quit the business, Stephen ropes him in for one last big con – pulling a job on reclusive multi-millionaire Penelope Stamp. Along with their associate Bang-Bang (explosives expert), they set up a con which will take them around the world in search of antiques. What they didn’t bargain for was Penelope being so quirky, Bloom falling for her, and the re-appearance of an old and dangerous enemy. “The Brothers Bloom” stars Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo, and Rinko Kikuchi.

This film has the feel of an old Cary Grant heist film brought into the modern age. The style of shooting, the costumes, even the script all make you believe this is not quite real (a con, in fact). All of the characters are wonderful – especially Penelope and Bang Bang. Weisz is adorable as Penelope, who may or may not know precisely what’s going on and Bang Bang is one of the most hilarious characters I’ve ever encountered in a film experience, and without saying a single line. This film leaves you not knowing whether you should laugh or cry, but it will most definitely make an impression.

Bottom Ten:
10: Watchmen
9: Taken
8: Year One
7: The Pink Panther 2


The bumbling Inspector Clouseau is back and making a mess of things as usual. This time, he has joined up with expert detectives from around the world to track down the infamous Tornado – a cat burglar who has apparently come out of retirement after ten years. It stars Steve Martin, Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina, Jean Reno, Emily Mortimer, Yuki Matsuzaki, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

I was never a fan of the original Pink Panther movies, but the first one of the reboot series would not have made the bottom of a film list like this. Stupid people test my patience, and an entire movie about a stupid person – which celebrates him making a mess of things (from burning down the same restaurant twice in a row to insulting the Pope) is something that I absolutely detested. It isn’t even smart funny, just stupid funny over and over again. Not even the big name actors can save this film. God help whoever they get to be in the next one. (And there will be a next one…in 3-D).


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