Giving Thanks

Well – how was your Thanksgiving? Ours was fantastic. my family rented a house near the Gorge (at George!) for four days this last weekend and gathered to celebrate. We didn’t get much accomplished, but we did have a relaxing time that was relatively conflict free. There were several rather hilarious events – not sure which was funnier – someone spraying cider all over the table during Thanksgiving dinner from laughter, someone impersonating a sumo wrestler while playing Hoopla, or someone trying to imitate Aretha Franklin without using any words.

We completely skipped Black Friday (a bit hard on my mom, who gets most of her holiday shopping done that day). On Saturday, what remained of our party (my brother and sister had to go home for work) trooped up to Leavenworth. Which, for those of you who aren’t from the Northwest United States, is a Bavarian-themed town in the mountains of Washington State. We’ve been there several times before, but never actually around the holidays, so it was fun to actually feel some of the holiday spirit they try and sell you all year round. We took a good 5 hours to walk around and check out what was new and visit our favorite shops. my photographer dad got the chance to catch up with some of his artist cronies, and we got to see Santa and some very talented musicians in leiderhosen (spelling on that?).

We also took copious amounts of pictures, so look forward to seeing a ton of those this next month as we plunge headlong into the gift-giving season.


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