Dramatic Entrance

I’d say that winter is making its home very comfortably in our neck of the desert. For a few weeks, we had those brilliant colors that fall is so famous for. In fact, according to my photographer father, ours was one of the few areas in the state with any substantial color at all – not something which usually happens. Winter has been in other places in our state much sooner than here.

But this past weekend, I’d say it showed up. Very dramatic entrance, btw, kudos for that. We had an enormous windstorm through the entire basin while the rest of the state got snow (except Seattle, I don’t think they believe in it). We got steady rain (also unheard of around here) for nearly two days – with gusting winds. I’m not sure how gusting, exactly, but gusting enough to rip apart a large majority of the fences surrounding our housing development and completely take them away. (There go our H.O.A. dues skyrocketing)

Our lonely little tree had some of those gorgeous glowing oranges and yellows that look so good in real life and don’t translate too well to film unless you’re a pro (I’m not). Until this past weekend. Good thing I snapped a few shots last week.  And – I’ve learned a bit from all the food blogs on copyright of recipe issues and such, so look forward to that molasses cookie recipe to get you going on Wednesday just in time for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.


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