Monthly Post

Hey friends. There isn’t much new around our place. We’re hard at work watching as many 2009 movies as possible so that come January, we can bring you your favorite Top Ten lists. My family is trying their very hardest to make Thanksgiving as complicated as possible by renting a vacation home instead of staying in the ol’ hometown for the holiday.

The dreaded H1N1 has reared its ugly head in our house. My brother has been out sick the past few days and in light of our health issues, has kindly relocated to his parents’ house for some care from Mom and Dad instead of his sister.

Doxa has started up again. If you live in the same area as us, come over to Quinalt Baptist Church on the 24th at 6 ish? (It might be 6:30, I can never remember) for some contemporary worship. And by “contemporary” I don’t mean Steve Green style. No hating on Steve Green, but this is going to be a lot more upbeat and we’d love to see you there.

Christmas play practice is also in full tilt – with lines memorized (kinda) and everything. Performances are going to be near the beginning of December, and if you’d like to go, let us know and we can get you some tickets. I know – we don’t want to think about the holidays yet but if Costco has Christmas stuff, we feel we’re free to fill you in on our holiday antics. No matter how early they happen.

There are a few new pics in our latest photos stream – a few from PAX 09, which husband went to in September. Also, I stopped using shampoo, which is startling and pretty cool, and not really as money saving as you’d think it would be. Maybe more on that later. See you around…


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